Cupping Therapy for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Cupping as a therapy has been in practice for thousands of years. Typically done with a jar or cup, the area that is in pain becomes localized, with several amazing benefits of cupping include:

  • Warming the channels to remove cold Promoting, known as one’s “vital life force”) and blood flow.
  • Relieving swelling
  • Accelerating healing
  • Adjusting body temperature
  • Assisting with fibromyalgia, stroke rehabilitation, hypertension, musculoskeletal pain, and more.
  • Alleviating pain (including neck, shoulder, and lower back pain)
  • No side effects cupping is growing as a preferred method of breaking up the body’s blockage to restore its natural flow of energy. Results are guaranteed at this center.

Neck pain is a significant condition that is second only to depression as a cause of years lived with disability worldwide. Thus, identifying and understanding effective treatment modalities for neck pain is of heightened importance. This effective manual technique to relieve pain, increase circulation, and improve mobility. Wet cupping therapy (WCT) is a traditional complementary method recommended to decrease the symptoms of a lot of diseases and used in the treatment of pain syndromes. Cupping is a treatment method utilized by physical therapists to alleviate musculoskeletal pain by relieving trigger points and acupuncture sites as well as increasing blood flow to the affected area. Cupping for neck pain and shoulder pain treatment is good option. Results are promising. Cupping therapy are already used for shoulder and neck pain as a complementary medicine.

There are two types of cupping. Dry cupping pulls the skin into a cup without drawing blood. In wet cupping, the skin is lacerated so that blood is drawn into a cup. Traditional dry or wet cupping has been utilized to treat many complaints for thousands of years While there is clinical evidence to support the use of cupping therapy for neck and shoulder pain in these specific sites, it would be best to first identify the primary issue and then utilize cupping therapy, when it is indicated, as a beneficial tool in an individualized, holistic treatment approach. Weekly cupping for eight to twelve weeks is recommended for sustained improvement in muscle and connective tissue health.

Cupping Therapy with physiotherapy for Back-Pain

Cupping can target these points of pain accurately and naturally reduce joint or muscle pain. Cupping works to release the tension in the tissue in your body and in doing so can relax these sore muscles, ease neck and back pain, and relax tired and tense muscles. Instead of exerting pressure on the different points of the body for healing, Cupping uses suction to tug the skin, tissues, and muscles upwards forcing fresh blood to reach the areas that have aches and pains and in doing so help kickstart and quicken the healing process. We Provide Latest Procedure Which Will Help You Cure-all types of pain permanently.

One session of cupping therapy with physiotherapy and 15 days of herbal ayurvedic medicine cost @1800 rs only. Results are promising at this center as treatment is based on international standards.