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PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is gaining significance in clinical practice know-how due to its utility and achievement rate. PRP Treatment for Hair Loss and skin rejuvenation in Delhi and NCR by herbal medicine clinic doctors is achieved at diverse facilities. Most facilities depend upon technicians or nurses or paramedical personnel for its management and injection. In our clinic that’s a skin and hair specialist based center and the extraction and PRP management is achieved with the aid of using the doctor himself. Dr Izharul Hasan is one of the first few skin and hair specialists to do his various researches on hair loss and skin issues thru non surgical manner and published by national and international journals. His research papers are across the world acclaimed and used as reference with the aid of using many Dermatologists. The method that’s utilized in our sanatorium offers steady effects due to the fact all worldwide protocols and standards are accompanied in order to achieve best results for Hair Loss in Delhi is lower priced for Indian in addition to worldwide sufferers. The method effects may be so precise for the sufferers because it works properly for each Male pattern Baldness and female pattern baldness. PRP is be achieved for hair loss, skin rejuvenation there it’s extra well-known as vampire facial, and joints pain management. Treatment at our center is being carried out by dermatologists & all equipments used are of high grade & are of world class quality to get best results.

What is PRP?

Plaster Rich Plasma or PRP, is a fragment of your own blood drawn off and spun down after which reapplied or injected to create advanced tissue health. Platelets are very small cells on your blood which can be involved withinside the clotting process. As they’re prepared withinside the clot they launch some of enzymes to sell restoration and tissue responses inclusive of attracting stem cells to restore the broken area. When utilized in hair they have got comparable stem cells and boom elements mobilizing abilities, thereby improving hair boom process.

Expected Results

Initial 6 to 8 sessions required of Hair fall or loss as it is a multifactorial problem where hereditary along with environmental factors and diet play an important role. After completetion of treatment generally 1 to 2 sessions requires every 6 months for maintenance. Iron deficiency along with essential nutrients has a major role to play. Most of the time, this loss is progressive and may take 4-6 months to respond to treatment. Sooner the treatment is started well results are noted.

It’s important to understand that some alopecia problems may not respond to best of the treatment modalities. So it’s important to consult a good dermatologist on time.

At our centre that is located in Karol bagh and serving these facilities more than 15 years headed by Dr. Izharul hasan, we follow Standard centrifugation technique added with growth factor process. This helps us to get an optimal concentration of Platelet Derived Growth Factors and an optimal PRP solution which can be used to initiate hair loss treatment.

When to start PRP treatment

PRP can be started even at first consultation with the doctor. Next sessions are given 4-6 weeks interval or as suggested by us for your case, it is assessed after diagnosing your problem. The treatment session takes place approximately 1hour and in some patients who are uncomfortable or very sensitive skin with injections of PRP. We can also modify the treatment schedule based on the response to PRP Therapy. The PRP solution is to be injected at the right depth for best possible results and a Dermatologist should have a thorough experience in this regard.

PRP is famous to start dermal papillae to produce growth in dormant hair follicles and may start some new follicles. PRP helps in reverse villus Hair to terminal Hair which are resistant to fall and can grow better and cover the bald area and are more resistant to fall.

Surely this technique needs experience and dedication and constant research which is really a part of our clinical practice and the results can be appreciated by the patients who have undergone this therapy at our center.

Though hair fall is a continuous process and requires proper treatment and follow-up and thus patient”s support and home care are also very important to get best results.

We as the pioneer in hair loss and skin treatment would suggest you have all this in mind before you go for treatment for hair loss or hair fall. Of course, some persistent effort by the patient and its importance in the final result cannot be ruled out. All centers have their own protocols for the technique but the best results are obtained by the technique which keeps platelets in the solution in their viable form.

What should you expect post treatment?

The patient can have mild swelling or redness for a few hours. There is no pain after the procedure and the patient can resume all their normal activities soon after the procedure.

3-4 sessions are required for visibly good results at a gap of 4-6 weeks.

Who all the candidates for PRP?

Any patient can undergo PRP therapy who wants to improve on their hair density. It is not recommended for patients on anticoagulation therapy or autoimmune conditions.

Advantages of PRP

  • Non-surgical therapy
  • No downtime
  • No need to go bald (as in hair transplantation and in other therapies)
  • Absolutely hundred percent safe & free of side effects.
  • Affordable cost

When can new hair growth be expected ?

New hair growth can be expected with the PRP Treatment for Hair Loss in Delhi as early as 2 to 3 sessions but is typically evident between 5-8 sessions  & will continue to improve up to a year after treatment.

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